Point Five Project: A Terribly Beautiful Testament


“I felt very privileged to be part of this project because I think it addresses a universal issue that affects every person. Growing up, I struggled with self-image issues, as any girl in our society does. I had acne scars on my face for years, trying to get rid of the blemishes that kept me from being beautiful. I remember an elderly man who came up to me in the mall and asked me what was wrong with my face, if I had some sort of disease. I had more masculine features, such as my eyebrows, and I was teased in line for the diving board when I wore a two-piece bathing suit to my local country club pool. I had the luxury of eating anything I wanted and staying skinny–but my little sister struggled with weight issues and self esteem, ultimately resulting in corrective surgery to not only help her accept herself, but to save her from imminent diet-related diseases. I have beautiful friends who lament over their hair, skin, and physiques. And it’s not just girls who are struggling to accept themselves–I have a gorgeous, talented boyfriend who has struggled to be happy with his body for years. I feel that beauty today is distorted, warped– I stare at the Victoria Secret Angels and even the TCU Showgirls and I feel inadequate. I will never look like them, I feel like I could never be sexy or stunning and command attention and admiration. I could never merit passionate love with one look. I look at what society tells me is beautiful, and I am coerced into feeling that I will never be good enough. But this project has done something very important–the project was inspired by girls like me, who strive for an impossible ideal, a fake ideal. We want to look like the girls in the magazines, who invite you in with their sparkling eyes. But if you look at these pictures, and you see the contrast and the truth. You simultaneously see the glowing face of a perfect but simulated girl, a ghost, and the face of the girl who expresses beauty not just from her external features but also from her spirit. That is where true beauty lies. These photographs depict us as if we were newborns, untouched by this world—undeniably beautiful and pure.”


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Point Five Project! the latest and greatest

“I think for me, seeing how make up affected the girls around me affected me the most. I would see these girls who would put on a ridiculous amount of make up and they looked beautiful. However, I also saw them on the days they chose not to go through that routine and saw how sick and tired they looked. Because of this dramatic change, I have decided to not wear make up as much. I feel that make up should be used for special occasions, and that one should honor their natural beauty.”


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Point Five Project – True Beauty


“Like most young women, positive self image has been a personal struggle growing up. I remember being at my lowest body-image wise at around December of my junior year of high school. But from that dark place, being completely vulnerable with all my walls of insecurity broken down, I discovered that hiding my own natural beauty was not healthy for me physically or emotionally. I had no reason to hide my true, natural beauty because that is what truly makes us stunning. Beauty isn’t about what you look like, or even how you act. A truly beautiful person is one who accepts his/her self as beautiful and truly believes it. We don’t need to change who we are, especially on the outside, to be beautiful.”



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Latest in the Point Five Project – Great Testament!

“The first time I ever considered using make-up was in 7th grade. Before then, it didn’t even cross my mind. But at the beginning of 7th grade, I was diagnosed with an OCD called trichotillomania, which caused me to pull out my eyelashes and eyebrows subconsciously. I was extremely concerned about the fact that I didn’t have eyelashes, so the obvious solution was to fix it with eyeliner. Since then, I’ve been hyperaware of my make-up and when I use it. It’s become society’s norm to always wear make-up, and it kinda sucks, to be honest. I’d rather sleep than apply make-up in the morning. Society’s image of women is kinda screwed up all over, though. I saw this picture on the Internet of how much Katy Perry had been photoshopped for a magazine cover. Katy Perry looked absolutely stunning in the first picture, yet they still found things to fix? It blows my mind. I think we need to rethink as a society the ideas that we’re pushing on women, young and old. There needs to be a change of heart.”


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The Latest In the Point Five Project!


“To me makeup is a security blanket. If for one day I decide not wear makeup I get comments such as ‘Are you ok? You look sick?’ Not the best thing for a girls confidence. Makeup has been such a big part of my life with out me even realizing it. I try not wear too much because when people look at me I want them to see my face instead of a mask. I find it sad that we are so consumed by looking perfect that we forget how beautiful the flaws of people can be. I am trying my best now to wear less and less makeup until hopeuflly I will feel comfortable being just me.”


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An Incredible Statement


“The people portrayed in ads, magazines, and the media in general seem to have everything: grace, friends, fame, popularity… and the messages say that it’s all because their bodies are perfect. It is truly ridiculous that girls are told they need to have perfect skin, hair, height, and shape to be acceptable. It simply isn’t real. No one looks like those models portrayed in the media, not even the models. There is not a single model of beauty. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and it has nothing to do with how smooth someone’s skin is or how flat their stomach is. Probably about 90% of girls today think they are ugly in some way, and 100% are wrong.”


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Welcome to the Point Five Project

(A photo I took of a good friend after working on the Point Five shoot with her)

Hey there cyberspace explorers, diamondstoglass here! This post is in anticipation of a posting about me, and my newest project, by the Nonsense Society.  If you were directed to this blog from that post, welcome! I am so glad that you are visiting my blog and I hope you choose to follow me here. If you have found yourself here on your own I hope you make your way over to the Nonsense Society’s page and help support them and other artists, and get a better understanding of this project which will be posted Wednesday the 12th (tomorrow).

In brief this project has not been permanently named (I am open to suggestions) but it will be a collection of portraits that make a statement about the powers of media, makeup, photoshop, and advertisements on women and girls.  I hope to have enough participants, pictures, and statements to have it published one day! This is where you come in to play. If you like this project please share it with your friends. This is more than just a dream for me, it is an important statement and I want as many people, both male and female, to see this and understand what I felt I could not express with just words.

Those of you who found your way here from the Nonsense Society, I would just like to say thank you again for taking interest in what I am doing.  Art is not only inspiration, but it can be a statement as well.  Artists have the POWER to make a difference and create a commentary about the things we want to change.  It is easy to loose your voice in such a big world, but there is more than one way to make a difference about the things that affect you! You don’t have to separate your life, beliefs, and art into categories. When you let everything connect and expand then you open up a world of new possibilities.

And thus here I have my most recent example of a participant in my project.  Enjoy, and until next time stay terribly beautiful.

P.S. If you would like to share your “ah-ha” moment about self image, or even how you struggle with self-perception and body image today, feel free to leave a comment on this post.  We are creating a community and support system, and sharing your experiences increases awareness, acceptance, and the potential for change. 

“These airbrushed alien women on the covers of magazines are the perfect women portrayed in the common male fantasy which is creating all women’s insecurities.  It tells women that if you don’t look like this then you’re not beautiful when really, the women on those covers are just the same as everyone else. I learned this when I had my first group photo shoot. I was paired with a very nice girl but she was equally pretty as everyone else.  She also had faults like everyone else which make me realize no one is ‘perfect’ per se.” – Edel

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The Depth of Field and the Depth of Life

(my photography example of shallow depth of field, both literally, and in the sense that I love to immerse myself completely in playing my guitar and listening to music, such a narrow yet rewarding focus.)

Hey there cyberspace explorers, diamondstoglass here!  It has been a week of up’s and down’s but I am working to make the best of it. Remember that if you “compare where you are to where you want to be then you will get nowhere.” Today I feel like talking about depth of field, both in photography and in life.

One of my favorite lenses is the 50mm because it has such a great depth of field.  It is also a less expensive  lens that can greatly improve portrait photography.  The soft focus gives that perfect hint of romance that some camera lovers live and breath for. One of my favorite aspects of photography is depth of field.  Ever since I learned about tilt shift images I have immersed myself in finding how blurring certain parts of an image can affect the general tone, focus, and heart of an image.

I believe there is a lot more to depth of field though, it is a concept that applies closely to life.  As we go about our worlds day to day, we gain and loose perspective of the things around us.  One day you may be completely immersed in your problems, your  relationships, or some THING that you have been looking forwards to (small depth of field).  Another day you may be reminded of the worlds troubles, and everything seems to be in focus, like today 9/11 (large depth of field).

It is important to keep these things in perspective and allow yourself to indulge in both ways of focusing.  Accepting diversity in your life allows you to handle diversity in situations.  By being able to understand both concepts you allow yourself to be flexible which makes problem solving and creative thinking incredibly more effective.

So in this day, this week, this lifetime I suggest acknowledging the depth of the experiences around you and how your actions affect other people and create more depth.  Depth of field is one of the most basic concepts in photography and it can become a basic but influential perspective on life. I highly suggest experimenting with how this affects you and your artistry, always be open to change because it is one of the few certain things in life.

 Until next time, stay terribly beautiful!

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Every Artist Should Have One of These

(skip to the last paragraph for inspiration and advice)

Hey there cyberspace explorers, diamondstoglass here!  Ever since I got back to school I have been wanting to decorate the door to my room now thatI have my own door this year!  I figured it would be a great way for people passing through to get an idea of who I am and what the rest of my room is like.  My first thought was to draw and print images of things, ideas, and general icons that I love.  However, that seemed like a general waste of paper and ink, so instead I decided to do a list of all the things I love and quickly realized, there are A LOT!

This project probably took more time and effort than just finding and making some pictures.  However it was very fulfilling writing out and drawing all these things!


So why do I recommend this for all artists? This project provides an outlet and idea for expressing things that are closest to your heart, so it is easy to get inspired! You can pretty much take any sort of twist on this and make it your own- collaging, using magazine clippings, painting, coloring, etc.  Give it a try, put it on your wall, door, window, bookshelf, refrigerator, studio, or wherever you fancy.  It is great having a reminder of the things that mean most to you and being able to share those things with the rest of the world.

If you try this project I would love to see the results so send me a pic, and until next time, stay terribly beautiful!

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Timore: The Claustrophobic Mime


(Skip to last paragraph fro advice/inspiration)

Hey there cyberspace explorers, diamondstoglass here! I would like to formally introduce you to Timore, the claustrophobic mime.  He is a character of my imagination that I started drawing all over my notebooks last semester.  He is an inspired creation from Tim Burton as well as my own humor and anxieties.  Timore is still in his baby stages but I would very much like to one day write a short illustrated book about him for adults.

To me he is a manifestation of irony, our irrational fears, everyday anxiety, and very human imperfection. However I think he is also one of those treasures that means something different to everyone based on their own interpretation.   So now I am sending him out into the blogging world while I wait for the day I actually have time to pay him the attention he deserves.  It’s only the first week of school and I feel like I have so much on my plate, and the Timore within me is definitely coming back out.

For all you out there who have a bit of the “tortured artist” within you, embrace it.  Although fear, frustration, and anxiety can be overwhelming, they are also a basis for great art.  People of the world want to connect with art whether or not they are artists. So pull from those negative emotions and let them out on paper or whatever your medium is.  Then leave it on the paper and let it go, you will feel much better afterwards.

Until next time, stay terribly beautiful!


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